How We Copywrite

  1. We research and assemble information about the product, the project and the market.
  2. We analyze the information.
  3. We write an initial draft.
  4. We then revise the initial draft to incorporate words or phrases that will make the reader more receptive to the message.
  5. We then add stories to support the message.
  6. We then run the draft through a special software program that optimizes the draft for best results.
  7. We have a professional proofreader read the final product before submitting it to the client.
  8. We submit the final draft to the client for comments, changes and layout options. We may have more than one version. If it is not clear which version is best, We may recommend split testing to see which version has better results.
  9. We revise the final draft.
  10. We give our corrections to the client. The final product is then emailed.
  11. We monitor the response the client is getting and make changes as needed.